Casino Bart stumbled into reviewing online casinos as a by-product of his old day job (well it was more like a nightshift), that being a full-time online poker player. After 5 years of grinding out the poker tables to make a living, he decided that for the sake of his eyesight (and social life), he had to make a change to his lifestyle, to ensure he could get out in the daylight a bit more.

However, after playing professional poker for 5 years, gambling was ingrained into his psyche and while he knew the 12-hour poker sessions had to stop, he had a huge passion for web development and writing and an enormous energy to find something worthwhile to write about.

Then one day while taking a break from the online poker tables, he virtually stumbled into the casino lobby and started to play The Dark Knight slots game (provided by Microgaming).

While he knew the game was a game of chance, the experience was so much more than he expected. He appreciated how much work, creativity and effort that went into creating this game to make it as entertaining as possible for the user.

There and then, he made it his mission to write a brutally honest review of every online casino and play every game possible (yes, this is a lifetime mission!).

Bart then devised an 18 point rating system for reviewing online casinos which we hope will help other casino and slot players choose the online casino that is right for them.

When Bart is not reviewing casinos, he is developing websites for local businesses.